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Here’s what some of our Pasadena, CA customers are saying about us:

I have been a consistent Mercedes Benz owner since 1984 when I bought my first, a 300 Turbo Diesel that I kept for many years, until a LA Fire Truck took it out one fine day on the I-10 fwy. That car saved my life. Since then I have bought a New Mercedes for my wife and for myself many times over. I currently drive an 2010 S-550 that was being maintained by the folks at Plati's German Auto Service in Pasadena when I was informed that they were closing down their business. He must of saw me blink many times over because he immediately suggested I take my car to Victor at A German Auto on Foothill Blvd. in Pasadena. Many of Plati Motor's customers have switched to A German Auto because you find the same decades long experience repairing and maintaining the Finest Automobile in the World, Mercedes Benz. I have found great comfort in Victor maintaining my S-550. It must be reiterated that when Victor is referred a customer from another Mercedes Technician with Decades of experience in Nick Plati, that is a very strong recommendation indeed!

Geoffrey A. A. German Auto Services Customer Review

VICTOR is one of a kind. I found what I've been seeking for years: a highly skilled BMW/Mercedes Benz mechanic that is honest to a fault! I prefer to buy used BMW 3 series. He worked on my 2007 330i (which met a tragic end on the 210), and currently works on my 2008 328i (LOVE this car Premium package and sport package - won't by another Beemer without both). He even helped me buy my current car. When I found a 3 series that I might purchase, I drove it over to the shop. Victor put them up on the lift and did all the diagnostics to see if there were hidden problems. Victor never charged me for that service and I bought a car that I truly love, that was spot on mechanically, and runs like BMW advertises: an Ultimate Driving Machine. If you own an out of warranty BMW or Mercedes Benz and don't go to Victor, when you get taken to the cleaners by your mechanic, don't blame me.

Matthew Pulling A. German Auto Services Customer Review

I was combing through Yelp for another matter when I decided to see what people say about my marvelous automobile technicians, A. German Auto Services. Just as expected, almost all mention how amazing they are, especially the proprietor extraordinaire Victor.

My brother and I both bought new Mercedes Benz E350's on the same weekend back in 2006. We both had our vehicles serviced at the dealer where we had purchased them. At the time I was a single mother raising two sons and out of habit I always consult my elder brother before making a major purchase. However, after a year or so I noticed my brother no longer serviced his car at dealer. I asked him about it, thinking he may have gone to another dealer. He informed me that as a result of the amount driving he was doing for work he could no longer afford the time it took him to check his car in for maintenance and wait for a rental at the dealer. A friend of his who also drove a Mercedes told him of his mechanic who was right here in Pasadena who accommodated his own schedule and would have the rental car people on time to pick him up. So my brother decided to try Victor, and my brother has used him ever since. I was little bit hesitant, so it took me a few more years to try A. German Auto.

When my car was about 5 years old and the warranty expired, something broke while driving on the Pasadena Freeway. I called the dealer and they told me to have the car brought in, but they could not tell me when they would have it ready. I called my brother and he had Victor call me immediately. Victor calmly, and in that soothing way of his, informed me that though he did not know exactly what the problem was, what ever it may be he was confident I would not be out of my car for no more than two days. He was as good as his word. I came in around 3pm and had my car ready by the same time the next day.

Now, I drive no where near the amount of miles my brother does, but I did some investigating, being the bookkeeper that I am. I compared my maintenance and repair bills between my vehicle and that of my brother's for the first 5 years of ownership and found that, even though he had over twice the miles, his expenses for vehicle maintenance where comparable to my dealer serviced car. Since my first experience with Victor, I have had no reason to go back to the dealership and pay they're inflated rates.

Today my car is ten years old and has less then 100,000 and I have no reason to buy a new car in the foreseeable future, not when I have and found an extraordinary technician in Victor and his A. German Auto Staff.

Georgia A. A. German Auto Services Customer Review

Good service and helpful advice!

Craig Jimenez Google Review

This mechanic is very honest, I took a car for assessment and he gave very true assessment and that helped me make right decision. Thanks again. We need people like you in our community.

Veera Venkata Nagesh Akula Google Review

Great guys and prices. Victor and Carlos are very friendly. I take my 2007 S600 V12 Benz.

Roger Cordoba Google Review

Victor is one of the most honest mechanics I have ever met. One of those guys who'd make a lot more money, but would rather steer you to a better solution. I have taken every German car I've owned to Victor and I won't go anywhere else.

John Bollow Google Review

Repaired my E320 overheating engine. Very reasonable rates and good service. Victor calmly explains the issues and the options. Great team of mechanics.

Steve S Google Review

they were reasonably priced and done in a timely manner. thanks very much, I will return in the future for sure.

Eugene Milton Google Review

Extremely Satisfied ! I have brought both my cars, 560 SEL & S 420 to Victor for the last five years. The service is wonderful. He is very honest and will tell you exactly what is wrong with your car without ever trying to perform unnecessary repairs. The best part is that you will never pay dealer repair prices. I highly recommend this place if you have a Mercedes. ED from Glendale

A Google User Google Review

We have been taking our Mercedez Benz cars here for 10 years. The quality of service is amazing. The customer service is second to none. The prices are great. When the service warranty ran out we looked for a german car repair shop that is high quality service without the unsavory costs for repairs. AGA is just that! They are open Monday through Saturday and are convenient for your work schedule. Stop in and let them know that Lonnie & Theresa referred you!
They are high quality, dependable, reliable and all around nice people. My ML500 LOVES AGA!!! My husbands C240 LOVES AGA!!!

Theresa M. Yelp Review

I had called around looking for a shop to work on my 1969 mercedes 280s. I called AGA and they told me that they would take care of me. My car needed a major tune up since it has been running rough. I took it in on wednesday around noon and my car was ready for pick up by the end of the day. I picked it up today and wow what a difference. I wish I would have found AGA a long time ago. Price for the service was reasonable since it does take time to dial in this inline 6 cylinder. It was great to see how much they appreciated working on this vintage car. I will definitely be back for any service on my classic benz. Thanks guys!

Ty M. Yelp Review

Fast. Reasonable Price. I don't care that they ain't German. That would just inflate the price. I couldn't wait the 2 1/2 weeks my usual place told me (The M Shop in Eagle Rock). I have a new favorite place. You will too.

Michael M. Yelp Review

Victor calmly explained a recent overheating problem I had, and quickly repaired my E320. I have been taking my car here for over 10 years and have always been pleased with their service. His prices are very reasonable, and he is always helpful.

Steve S. Yelp Review

I took my BMW 325i in too Victor to get it checked out and he told me I needed my key to be reprogrammed. He said he would take care of the issue as soon as possible and gave me a great reasonable price. It was fast, not expensive, and the communication amongst one another was very good. I also got a tune up on my 325i and Victor did an excellent job, did not rip me off, and he gave me a reasonable time period he would get it done with.

Brian Q. Yelp Review

I appreciate experience. I own a Mercedes Benz E320 that is 20 years old and has 225,000 miles on the car, and it runs like a Swiss Clock. Like a good Doctor, it is important that the patient goes to the same Doctor to note the progress made. In the case of my car the Doctor I go to regularly is A. German Auto Services. There are four Journey Men Technicians with over 90 years experience accumulated.
Victor, who is the owner, needs only to hear my car's engine purr to see if any adjustments are needed. I change the oil regularly of which Victor uses Factory Mercedes Benz Oil, only the best.
Recently I needed my brakes replaced and repaired. I called and made an appointment and brought my car in. By the time I was half way through with the LA Times my car was ready. As in any business there is always going to be one person who is a naysayer. I read the one negative review and I find it interesting that the author never set foot in my mechanic's shop, sent his girlfriend did he. No way that something was lost is translation? Well, remember that someone actually told this group that they would never make it with a name like the Beatles. Related to the people that still thought the world is flat, and that Madonna should not quit her day job! Point being that this shop has 99% of the people describing the great experience in taking the finest automobile made in the world to A. German Auto Service.
There is a reason a 20 year old car runs like a top. I take my car to people with experience.

G A. Yelp Review

Victor, the owner is fantastic! He calmly explains what needs to be done to my cars and why. He is honest and truthful, and if something is not necessary hetells you. I always went to the Dealer before, but no more. A very good friend referred me here and I am grateful forever. I have two Mercedes and they are in great condition thanks to Victor. Once you there you will see just how different this shop is. You can trust them. The car is done when promised and price quoted is fair. No more Dealer, Victor is 'the man'along with Carlos who told me he worked for several years with top Dealerships. He is so professional. I used to hate getting a car serviced, now I am actually happy to bring the cars in! I am about to buy a new car again and I must say I plan to have it serviced only here!
Five stars is an understatement!!!

Mercedes O. Yelp Review

this place is great :),, i took my bmw in the owner victor was very honest with me about my car trouble did'nt over charge for unnecessary repairs like other mechanics do my car now runs great i am extremely happy with the work he did on my car and strongly recommend this place if you are looking for a good mechanic who is honest, knows his cars and has a great team behind him i urge you to go to a.german auto...

Brandy E. Yelp Review

took my MBZ to get fixed and i'am glad i took it there great service they know how to fix cars i tell you :))) don't waste time take it to a A German..THX Victor for fixing my Benz

Tom S. Yelp Review

My husband and I have used several different mechanics in the San Gabriel Valley, but we now only use A. German Auto. We have a VW Jetta and a BMW 328i. We previously had a BMW X3. My husband is VERY picky about auto mechanics (like many people, he is hesitant to trust any of them!) but he really trusts the mechanics here, especially Jose! They have taken excellent care of all of our cars and always come in substantially below dealership prices. We have referred two friends to Jose who also have a VW and a BMW.
The service is quick, the prices are reasonable, the work is well done and above all we really do trust them with our vehicles. Highly recommend this place!

Erika S. Yelp Review

Great repair shop for Mercedes and BMW's and all German cars.. Victor is excellent at diagnosing problems and has always been honest with me.. He has kept my 560 running perfect for 15yrs and counting, and have never been over charged !!! I highly recommend this place..

Bart W. Yelp Review

They are reasonable priced, and do a great job. I am a woman and finally don't feel ripped off when i take my car in. Loyal customer for 10 years now, and still love them.

Sandy P. Yelp Review

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