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BMW Repair & Maintenance Services In Pasadena, CA

The BMW auto manufacturer or Bavarian Motor Works, began as an aircraft engine producer. The history of their aircraft origins can be seen clearly in the emblem that adorns their current projects. The circular design shows two aircraft propellers circling through a blue sky. Today, BMW owns several different brands of automobiles. They are world renowned for making high quality vehicles.

On the more economical side, BMW produces the Mini Cooper auto, a sporty car that is popular with younger generations. BMW also owns Rolls Royce, which is known for luxury, and more recently, for their blend of luxury and power. BMW automobiles are known for their performance, high level of sophistication and great safety. The BMW M-Class of vehicles adds heaps of power, responsiveness, and handling to what are already high performance vehicles. We do BMW Service for every make and model that exists.